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Using an Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
within 3-4 minutes of collapse can lead to a 60% survival rate.

Make sure your building is equipped with a complete AED solution before it becomes a problem

Some buildings/business are required to have Automated External Defibrillators available

some choose to anyway

required to have an AED?*

High Occupancy Buildings

Buildings with >200 Occupants

Health & Safety Code 19300
Enacted 2/14/2018

Buildings with an occupancy greater than 300:
  • Assembly Buildings
  • Buildings with an occupancy greater than 200:
  • Business Buildings
  • Educational Buildings
  • Factory Buildings
  • Institutional Buildings
  • Mercantile Buildings
  • Residential Buildings (excluding single-family and multifamily dwelling units)
  • Renovated Buildings

    Improvements of >$100,000 in a single year

    Health and Safety Code §19300
    (SB 287, Chaptered 449, 2015 and SB 1397, Chaptered 1014, 2018)

    A structure shall be considered modified, renovated, or tenant improved for purposes of subdivision (a) if the structure is subject to any of the following on or after January 1, 2020: (1) One hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) of tenant improvements in one calendar year. (2) One hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) of building renovations in one calendar year. (3) Any tenant improvement for places of assembly, including auditoriums and performing arts and movie theaters. (c) A structure described in subdivision (a) or (b) that is an occupied structure shall have an automated external defibrillator (AED) on the premises subject to the requirements in Section 1797.196.


    School Districts & Charter Schools with interscholastic athletic programs

    Education Code §35179.6
    (AB 2009, Chaptered 646, 2018)

    Requires school districts or charter schools that have interscholastic athletic programs to acquire at least one AED for each school within the school district or the charter school to be available on campus and maintained.

    Health Studios

    Gyms - Dance & Fitness Studios

    Health and Safety Code §104113
    (SB 127, Chaptered 500, 2010)

    Requires health studios to acquire, maintain and train personnel in the use of an AED. Also provides liability protection to the health studio if the AED is used. Health studio is defined as a facility permitting the use of its facilities and equipment or access to its facilities and equipment, to individuals or groups for physical exercise, body building, reducing, figure development, fitness training, or any other similar purpose, on a membership basis. This excludes hotels or similar business. AED placement and use must be in compliance with H&S code 1797.196


    Public Swimming Pools

    Health and Safety Code 116045 and §116046
    (AB 1766, chaptered 270, 2018)

    Requires certain public swimming pools to provide lifeguard services and to acquire and make available an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) during pool operations.

    Required or not, maybe you've already considered getting an AED. But . . .

    Which one?!

    There are so many options out there - it can be a bit overwhelming and it's hard to know what to look for.

    Is one AED enough?

    An AED isn't a wall decoration - how many units does your floor plan require to be effective?

    What else do I need?

    AEDs shouldn't be stored in the closet, so probably a storage cabinet but what else?

    Still . . .

    You want be

    Many buildings and business are required by law to have and maintain AEDs

    You want to be

    Anyone can go into sudden cardiac arrest, and you know an AED can make all the difference

    You want to live your values

    You care about the health and wellness of your employees - an AED is a visible reminder of this

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